Farmhouse Kitchen & BarNegril, Jamaica

Farmhouse Kitchen & BarNegril, Jamaica


In the hills of Negril, above beach, town, & west end

A quick jaunt up the hill - we'll pick you up anywhere in Negril!

It's a 5 minutes drive from 7 mile beach, in the hills above Negril, higher than the treetops, in the fresh clear air.

About the same distance as Rick's Cafe, as you can see in the satellite view... (maybe we'll get a hot air balloon to go over the mountains in the future??)

Update JAN 2024:

Our location is accurate on Google Maps! but DRIVING DIRECTIONS ARE NOT CORRECT!

Please see further below.

Also please note that we may not be around if you show up by chance. The farm may be "open" but we only expect tours at certain scheduled times. Call or WhatsApp if you are trying to find us:

  • 1-876-472-3393 (Cell or WhatsApp) 

Also, frustratingly, cell service, data connections, and wifi are all spotty at the farm and we may not get your call the first time. Try again later!

You can also contact us here - we usually reply within just a few hours.

Trust us, not Google

Map with route showing Archer Rd to the Farm highlighted

Map with route showing Archer Rd to the Farm highlighted

The Google directions take you 'near' a neighbour's farm, and local drivers want to go there instead of Jamaican Roots Tropical Farm.

  • That farm is not open for tours, and they are not us!
  • Those Google directions then take you through an unnecessarily difficult walking route (if you haven't ended up at the neighbour's farm already).
  • We have requested Google to change the driving directions, but these things take time. 

Well before Google says to turn off Archer Rd, turn right at the paved road that COOL SPOT is on - we have a logo sign there on a pole.

Correct Directions

Our signs are up! Here are the directions:

  1. Go up Tank Hill / Archer Rd, past the Red Dragon, Force ripe, and K&K enterprises - Uptown bar.
  2. Take a right at COOL SPOT - we have a sign with our logo posted on a pole (much before Google Directions tell you to turn off Archer Rd)
  3. Take then another right when you see our logo on a low sign near a small store
  4. Follow the dirt road - go slowly but it's not that bad (picture of road is accurate)!  

If you have a driver, or are driving yourself, or are familiar with the area, please still call for directions, as there is no real "address" as such: 
1-876-472-3393 (Cell or WhatsApp) - service may not always work - please try again!

At the end of the farm road

You will see our banner. And the farm itself, lush & plentiful...

Amazingly, a few intrepid travellers have found us on foot (the neighbours with the farm, actually 😂) - welcome!

Call or WhatsApp if we're not around

service is not reliable so please try again! or contact us