Farmhouse Kitchen & BarNegril, Jamaica

Farmhouse Kitchen & BarNegril, Jamaica


Your Questions Answered

Frequently Asked Questions

Ask away! We've started with a few of the MOST frequently asked.

We do offer meals, and you can reserve after your tour is booked.

Contact us if you have a special idea, or any type of question. We love to accommodate.

It's a personable, small operation... we hope to give you a glimpse into real life in Jamaica, AND a taste of some of the best & freshest there is... check the reviews :-)

We'd love to stay for dinner - what do you serve?

So glad you asked! We have a short menu of farm fresh goodness awaiting you! Reservations can be made after your tour date is confirmed. Choose from:

  • Jerk Chickentraditional & delicious, add your own hot peppers - or not!
  • Fish Fryfresh from the ocean on the morning of your tour
  • Ital Delightvegan dishes featuring pumpkin, beans, coconut, callaloo
  • OR for a little more, Lobster Grilled on the jerk pan (+$)

All meals include rice & LOTS of fresh veg from the farm.

Once your tour is booked, we will reach out to inquire whether you would like to stay for dinner, and let you know the price - usually between 30-40 USD per person depending on the season.

If you would like to stay, we'll reserve your spot, and you can pay for your dinner & drinks in person. We accept USD or Jamaican dollars in cash at the farm.  

Timing: You are welcome to stay, relax, & explore after the tour while dinner is prepared & served, which is outdoors on the deck overlooking the farm - interactive so you can see what's going on and ask questions. Or just chill in a hammock. No rush to leave.

NOTE: We'd like to get your order a day in advance - we source the freshest ingredients on the morning of your confirmed tour.

Word is it's much like a private chef experience.... Jamaican style :-)

Yah mon!

Do you accept credit cards?

Not in person currently, not yet. Though for the tour itself, we recommend you book in advance through Viator, which accepts credit cards, to secure your dates. Meals & drinks can be paid in cash at the Farm.

Once your tour is booked, we will reach out to inquire whether you would like to stay for dinner. If so, we'll reserve your spot, and you can pay for your dinner & drinks in person. We accept USD or Jamaican dollars.

We are working on being able to accept credit cards onsite - anticipating sometime soon in 2024. 

Is this tour suitable for children? babies? people with disabilities?

Yes, Yes, and More Yes! So far we've entertained 10 months olds to 12 years olds... and even a few teens that were not terribly bored. We can adapt the tour for all ages and abilities - no one should feel excluded from fresh mountain air and tropical plants! We can accommodate everyone.

We recommend a baby carrier or wrap for the youngest ones - strollers would be very difficult, as are wheelchairs.

That being said, we have a ground level garden to welcome anyone with mobility issues (no stairs required). We will bring plants, dishes, animals, and everything possible right to you! We aim to show you as much as we can while assisting your mobility in exploring to the extent of your abilities and desires.

Can you add a bottle of champagne and a bouquet of flowers?

Why yes indeed! Mark will prepare a beautiful array of local tropical flowers for you, wrapped up in ribbon. We will also select a delicious bottle of bubbly and get it chilled in advance of your visit. Prices vary. Ask us anything to customize your visit!

Do you have restroom facilities?

Yes, we have a full bathroom with running water - standard flushing toilet, sink, and shower if need be! Oh, we also have an outdoor shower for those particularly dirty days on the farm.  

Do you have accommodations available?

Not yet, but we love this question! We have a few ideas for the next steps at the farm.

  • One is a large set-up tent with a comfy air mattress, fan, and light - glamping, tropical farm style! We're working on a base deck for the tent now. This website will be the first to broadcast its availability!
  • We have an extra bed up on the top level deck, and as soon as we add a little more privacy and polish on the space, we'll make it available as a farm retreat experience. It won't be too fancy.... just real.
  • Another project is a little retreat on the next peak - we're setting up a cabana just a short hike away, overlooking the entire farm with a glimpse of the sea. It'll be rustic with nature on full surround.

We're prioritizing farm tours to get our name "out there" first. Visitors and reviews mean the world to us :-) 

ONE LOVE!! & thank you for checking us out!